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Thank you so much for checking my review policy! I appreciate you taking the initiative to find out my reading preferences!

Understand that this blog is a Young Adult book blog. I do not review children or middle grade books.My preferred genres are YA, NA, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, and Dystopian but I will consider requests for other genres.  I am more than happy to read ARC's, finished copies, and ebooks (though I prefer print copies). If you want me to read/review/promote your book(s), or you need to get in contact with me for any other reason, your best bet is to email me at the email listed below.

My reviews consist of my thoughts and feelings about the book. I do not do critical analysis of books, I do enough of those at school. So if  If those are not the types of reviews you are looking for/prefer to have from a book blogger, this is probably not the place for you. I'm sure there are some bloggers out there that do like to do those kinds of reviews so I advise you to seek them out.

My reviews are also honest. I review almost every novel that I read, so please be aware that those sometimes include negative reviews. I don’t take pleasure in negating someone’s work, but as stated above my reviews will be my honest opinion. My reviews include cover art, a synopsis of the novel, my personal thoughts about the book, a numbered rating and publication details. I also try to post my reviews on GoodReads.

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